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What does risk match mean?
Is this tool useful for me if I’m retired?
Can I get recommendations specifically to improve my dividend income?
How do I figure out my annual dividend returns?
How do I set my investment goals?
Does PortfolioPilot consider user suggestions for new features?
Is PortfolioPilot compliant with SEC regulations?
How often is the PortfolioPilot software updated?
Where can I find tutorials or guides for using PortfolioPilot?
How does PortfolioPilot help with order execution?
What is the Downside Protection feature?
Can PortfolioPilot identify anomalies in the market?
What insights does the market overview provide?
How does the ETF screener work?
How does the stock screener tool work?
What is AI Equity Search and how do I use it?
What is fee optimization and how does it benefit me?
How frequently should I update my investment strategy with PortfolioPilot?
Can PortfolioPilot suggest specific stocks or ETFs to match my risk profile?
How does PortfolioPilot simulate different investment scenarios?
What kind of recommendations does PortfolioPilot provide?
How do I get access to the GP API?
How does PortfolioPilot handle cryptocurrency investments?
Can I integrate real estate investments into my PortfolioPilot assessment?
Is there a mobile app available for PortfolioPilot?
Is PortfolioPilot a crypto portfolio tracker?
Is PortfolioPilot a portfolio tracker or net worth tracker?
How is PortfolioPilot different from other investment advice tools?
What types of investment assets can be managed using PortfolioPilot?
Is PortfolioPilot suitable for both beginner and advanced investors?
How do I optimize my Portfolio Score?
What is the range of possible Portfolio Scores?
Can I execute trades on the platform?
How can I resolve a billing issue?
What will happen to my draft portfolios if I downgrade my Platinum subscription?
I’m having trouble with subscriptions or a premium feature. What should I do?
How does PortfolioPilot know how much I am paying in fees?
What is the refund and cancellation policy?
How do I change my subscription tier? What will happen to the billing process?
How do I update my payment information?
Is my payment information secure?
What kind of support can I expect with a subscription?
What are the benefits of a Platinum subscription?
What are the benefits of a Gold subscription?
Can I try the product before committing to a subscription?
Does PortfolioPilot have an API?
What should I do if I'm facing an issue with the platform?
Can I set different preferences for each portfolio?
How do I update my investor preferences?
How do I delete my account?
What is the Portfolio Optimizer and how do I use it?
How do I change my risk profile?
Why does a security I hold show up as “Unknown”?
Why are you building Global Predictions?
Why does the platform tell me “Your portfolio contains a significant number of items unknown to the system, functionality is limited”?
What is Global Predictions?
How can I start using the portfolio management platform, PortfolioPilot?
Do you have an iPhone or Android app?
How does Global Predictions’ Portfolio Management system help me?
Why does the security I hold show up prefixed with “Private.”?
Why do I need to connect my account to get investment insights?
Why are my imported values incorrect?
How does Global Predictions keep my data secure?
How do I import my investments?
What does Global Predictions do with my data?
How do I import my Interactive Brokers portfolio?
How do I connect my individual bond portfolio or manually enter individual fixed-income securities?
How can I improve my portfolio?
How do I connect my Fidelity Investments account?
Can I import my securities based on share quantities / units rather than dollar amounts?
How do I add options manually to my portfolio?
Why does my Draft portfolio include all my Net Worth items?
What are Draft Portfolios?
What are PortfolioPilot simulations?
Why are Recommendations blocked when I link my Questrade account?
What is the Portfolio Score?
What is PortfolioPilot?
How do I optimize the weighting of my portfolio?
Do your returns include dividends?
How are expected returns calculated?
I am retired. Does PortfolioPilot work for me?
If Global Predictions has investable insights, why don’t you run a hedge fund?
How can I accept all recommendations rather than adding each one individually?