The Power of Personalization + Prediction: How linking your investment accounts gives you personalized recommendations

September 27, 2021

At Global Predictions, we could talk about our models all day. Today, we’re going to focus on how linking your investment account to Global Predictions can help you combine our predictions with personalized recommendations. Together, personalization and prediction can give you actionable insights about your investments and help you achieve your financial goals. 

Getting Started

Unlocking the power of personalization requires access to your real investments what you hold and in what quantities across your accounts. We’ve heard from many users that their financial information is spread across accounts at different brokerages, their bank, and pension providers. Getting a full picture of your own financial assets can be a challenge in itself.

Simply click on the “Link Account” and connect to your financial institutions through our trusted integration partner, Plaid. When you securely log in, we can assemble a full picture of your portfolio using read-only access. We then connect our models with your account holdings. From there, we can generate automatic, model-informed recommendations to quickly and reliably give you access to suggestions and improvements. Global Predictions gives you robust, actionable insights into your portfolio and equips you to make better decisions for your investments.

Show me the money

Now that your account is linked, we can give you all kinds of insights into your accounts. First, we can visualize your holdings this includes the holdings within ETFs and mutual funds, and provide a total view of your holdings by asset class, sector, and geography. This takes out the speculation about your exposure and shows you the reality of what's in your portfolio.

From there, we can put Global Predictions models to work. You can navigate to downturn likelihood, view your correlation matrix, or look at underlying common drivers to assess the risk of your portfolio as it stands. 

From there you might be thinking, what should I do next? Our Portfolio Tuning tab has you covered. 

Here we give you specific recommendations about tuning -- or the process of making small and large adjustments to your portfolio -- to enhance your returns. This can include suggestions of the types of products you could buy or sell to better your portfolio. 

More data, more context

Using Global Predictions is like having 10 data analysts, connecting the best of macro-research and diverse data sources about the economy with the specifics of your financial goals, risk profile, and investment habits as represented within your portfolio. 

Global Predictions can recommend region, sector, and asset class opportunities. That means that rather than scouring the headlines and doing extensive due diligence, Global Predictions models puts data from diverse sources to work for you, in your portfolio. 

Global Predictions recommendations are highly contextual to your account. As we learn more about your goals and risk appetite, our system can give more tailored recommendations. Remember, only you can actually implement these changes: we do not make trades or alter your financial holdings in any way. Our bet is that a few visits to Global Predictions will persuade you to make changes and increase your confidence that your money is under control. 

Differences from Traditional Finance

These sorts of fine point tuning and rebalancing are commonplace in traditional finance. Hedge fund and other asset managers, ETFs, and banks often productize these sorts of insights and try to sell you products at a high cost. Global Predictions has no hidden fees, and offers you these insights and recommendations automatically, without commitments to taking our suggestions or paying fees.

If you are an investment professional or just a regular investor, Global Predictions can help you begin optimizing your investments in as little as ten minutes.

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