What’s portfolio tuning, anyway?

November 3, 2021

Once you’ve linked your account, Global Predictions can give you personalized recommendations about how to tune your investments to best align your investment objectives with your asset allocation. If you’re thinking “but what’s portfolio tuning, anyway?” - this post is for you. 


TLDR: Portfolio tuning is the process of making small and large adjustments to your portfolio to either enhance your projected returns, or better align your risk exposure with your goals. 

Tuning and rebalancing is commonplace within asset management, and done by the teams overseeing hedge fund investing, or even the construction of any mutual funds or ETFs you might own. We’re applying this same concept to your specific portfolio. We are not constrained by a theme (like an ETF, that might have a specific focus on energy equities, for example), or by a maturation date (like a retirement mutual fund, that returns capital on a specific future date), or even an asset class. That means we can give you suggestions based on your objectives, not ours. 

Directly uploading your portfolio is the best way to ensure that weightings are done accurately and risks are accounted for holistically among all your relevant investments. The types of recommendations you might see come in many forms: dropping projected low-performing stocks, taking advantage of specific market conditions, adjusting risk through diversification, or adding new securities in unheld asset classes. It could also be as simple as adjusting your risk preferences or switching index funds to ones with lower costs. All of these recommendations come from a smart algorithm that takes into account both your personal investment preferences and globally modeled economic conditions.

Global Predictions has no hidden fees, and offers you these insights and recommendations automatically, without commitments to taking our suggestions. Only you can make changes to your portfolio - we have read only access and cannot implement changes made within your actual investment account. 

You can click “compute trades to execute” and Global Predictions will create an easily readable list of which securities you can buy or sell to align your draft portfolio with your brokerage account. 

Even if you don’t take Global Predictions’ recommendations, we bet you’ll benefit from seeing a birds eye view of all your assets, and will walk away with real insight about how you might want to reallocate investments or make future purchases.

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